Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Planet X full carbon project

Finished my full carbon project.
Whatever they say, I'm happy with this, this is my one and only hobby these days.
Thanks to Z1 my love who supports me always...
Frame set & Seat post : Planet X
Wheel set : ZIPP 404 track
Crankset : FSA carbon track
Stem : Oval r900
Handlebar : Easton delta force carbon base bar


  1. So what's the deal with the Planet X Carbon track? Do you like it? How does it ride? I'm in a market for a new frame and here in L.A. Bianchi Super Pista and any Cinelli frame are a dime a dozen here. Please give me some review on this bike.


  2. Oh btw, did you remove the planet X logo yourself?

  3. sorry for late reply, I sent this frame to the painting shop to remov the decals.
    Well, I've had cinelli and bianchi as well.
    This one is much faster and lighter.
    but the fork rake is too close to the frame, so the toeclip always hit on the front wheel.
    later, I've changed the fork and it dosen't happen anymore.
    Anyway I've sold this bike to my friend...