Thursday, April 8, 2010

NJS Classic

 don't even remember how many bikes I built and resold.
It looks meaningless but can't stop it... kinda serious addict.
Well, this time I put my all the attention on the NJS Keirin parts.
This bike is 95% made by Japanese manufacturer.
Most of them have the NJS approval. Am I a keirin player ? Maybe in next life...
Don't know why, but this is my only stress releiving hobby that I have these days.


Frame : Makino Keirin frame
Headset : Hatta
Seatpost : Nitto Jaguar
Saddle : Kashimax 5gold 8p
Stem : Nitto Pearl
Handlebar : Nitto B-123aa
front wheel : Araya RC-540 + Philwood SLR + Veloflex RECORD clincher tire. (this weighs only 130g, awesome!!)
Rear wheel : Araya RC-540 + Philwwod SLR + Veloflex RECORD
B.B : Hatta
Crankset : sugino 75 crank + sugino zen track
Pedal : MKS Royal nuevo + MKS toeclip + MKS single strap.

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