Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UNKNOWN LV 3 Polished + 3T Funda Pro fork + Reynolds SDVC 66 track wheelset

New ride!!
I love this one!! Better than lightly-known expensive frames.


  1. hello, may i ask you where did you get this frame?
    i am searching for a frame like this, also the seatpost is very nice, and on unknown site it is not listed. would youplease let me know?
    thank you very much

  2. Hi, you could check on their website

    If it doesn't work on your computer, let me know.
    I'll get the contact info for you.
    Have a nice day~!

  3. Hi~ What is the length of your Funda 3T fork? Is it 43? or 49? Thank you : )

  4. That looks more like the LV2 frame

  5. how much does the frame go for ? am guessing it comes with the seat post rite ?
    *u.s dollor*